Speaker Michael Murburg, Esq.

imho.love Host Michael Murburg will be speaking.on 3/24/2019 at 11:45 am.

The Connection Between Heightened States of Spirituality and Conscious Awareness and ET/ED/NHIB, UFO, Contact from Neolithic Times to Present: Art, The Lotus Sutra, and the Tao: My Own Spiritual Path and 60 Years of Contact Experiences


👽 March 23rd thru 30th, 2019, at the Aquarius Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  
👽 Please check out our AMAZING line up of speakers at www.ufoMEGAcon.com. 
👽 48 total of the BEST presenters handpicked by our Producers Bob Brown and Lorien Fenton along with our Board of Directors, and all with NEW information, NEW experiences, and NEW evidence. Some speaker info is being added so please check the site daily. 
👽 You may not know many of the names, but trust us, these are ALL people you'll want to hear! We picked only THE best and demanded they present NEW information! 
👽 7 days and 8 nights jam-packed with incredible UFO related information! We're THE immersion event! 
👽 3 Special Event evenings and 5 dinner parties including 2 "Meet the Speakers" dinners. 
👽 Special Event Military Whistleblowers Panel with military witnesses who have never gone public before! 
👽 3 Intimate UFO Sky Watch events with Military Night Vision Goggles limited to 50 people each. Sign up early, these are gonna fill up fast. 
👽 George Noory Special Event is included in package deals. 
👽 Film nights, premieres, and musical entertainment  
👽 Vendor Halls and book signings  
👽 Themed experiencer group sessions with the best licensed therapists  
👽 Book your hotel room now, they will fill up fast! 
👽 See our schedule at www.ufoMEGAcon.com to pick the days you will want to be there and check it daily for updates! 
👽 7 day, 4 day, and single day attendance packages available  
👽 Register now for our Special New Year's Early Bird Discount good thru Jan. 30th. No need to enter a code! Just click on the discount package selection of your choice.  

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