Lou Angelwolf

Lou Angelwolf

Lou Angelwolf is a veteran Radio Show host heard by millions and has performed live Stand up Comedy at over 5000 shows in Comedy Clubs, Country Clubs, Night Clubs and Casinos spanning 13 time zones. 

Love, laughter and a burning desire to share the joy of life.  Lou is an uncommon messenger of the Universal Truth of Being Happy in the Moment. 

With the ability to find the humor in just about everything, from dieting, the absurdities of mass media & TV and the complications of modern relationships, Lou has a little something for everyone!


Mike Murburg

Mike Murburg

Mike Murburg is a CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - Human-Initiated Contact with Extraterrestrials) Instructor and Organizer with over sixty plus years as an Experiencer and Contactee. As an engaging storyteller/humorist, his insights find you learning and laughing while searching the Universe with a whole new perspective. He is also an expert on Exo-consciousness and a contributing author to the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences’ “Beyond UFOs, the Science of Consciousness and a Contact with Non-Human Intelligence.” 

His disciplined athletic background as an athlete and a coach contributed to his success as a cast member of "The Biggest Loser Season 16." He is also a teacher of Tao and student of its way. A Dedicated Florida Disability Attorney since 1986, he is a member of the Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County Bar Associations d  is a member in good standing with the National Organization for Social Security Claimants’ Representatives. 


Chris Gorges is originally from Boston, now lives in Florida and has been a staple on the comedy scene for over 25 years. His credits include directing the 2000 "Best of the Bay" Improv troupe "The Charming Hooligans" as well as an award-winning Public Access show called "Mongo Like Candy". Chris owns and operates Double Special Studios in Clearwater, Florida,  producing podcasts as well as The B-Side Radio Show which is heard on WZIG 104.1 FM.  He is the host of the "The Double Special Show," Winner of the "2014 Best Comedy Podcast" Talkie Award and has opened for the likes of Dave Chapelle, Pauly Shore, and Bill Bellamy. 

Chris studied improvisation under Richard Schaal, Co-Founder of the legendary Compass Theater Group and The Second City in Chicago. High energy, honest, and edgy subject matter set the tone for a great comedy experience.