The Pacifist's Riot

I want to start a Pacifist’s Riot. 

A gentle non-physical riot fought with a loving spirit. 

It does not matter your faith, religion or non-belief - you have the element of love inside you.

Come passively riot with me. 

Neutralize your mind to a quiet peaceful place. 

Stay there and enjoy the oneness with all things. 

Start leaning into love, start embracing the beauty of the stillness. 

The wonder of Spirit and Being. 


Thing of Nature and Love blooming together as a stillness comes over the OneNess. 

Every one and every thing in this world is ONE THING. 

There are so many parallel elements in everything. 

Love is the most wonderful element in all things. 

A flower blooming as you walk by is it’s ultimate expression of love towards you. 

Wolves howling, wind blowing, songbirds singing are all full of love. 

Quiet your mind for a moment, think of only the love you possess. 

Your love for family and children and innocence and intimacy. 

Feel the love in your eyes. Everyone you see has love in their eyes. 

Some have a little, some have so much you couldn’t believe it. 

Picture all of us with relaxed bodies and ease on our faces, as if we were freshly hugged by a sweet child. 

Enjoy this moment of just being in touch with such powerful elements. 


Bring into focus, the sad, hungry and broken-hearted, the poor and oppressed. 

You have a silvery white robe of love, you can wrap these people in. 

You have an endless supply of them, you wrap the robe over their shoulders. 

All of them fitting perfectly. 

You comfort the fearful and clothe the naked. 

Their tears fall away, the pain and misery leave their faces, as love surfaces inside them. 

You approach the hateful, angry mob who are in such pain from the lies they believe. 

You wrap the Silvery white robe of love over their shoulders and watch their stress fall away. 

They no longer want to attack, as they drop their weapons in deep understanding. 

The power of Love is freeing the fear from their minds and hearts, and stilling the struggle inside of them. 

There is Laughter in the air, sincere Trust and Kindness all around. 

We stand there, receiving the blessing of peaceful people everywhere. 

Each of us, reaching out to another precious human being, simply because Love tells you to. 

This is the Pacifist’s Riot. 

We will enforce our ability to project peaceful thought to the troubled and ailing regardless of who tries to stand in our way. 

Human Thought is the most powerful force on this Earth and we shall use it to it’s highest purpose. 

To somehow . . . Love One Another. 

We can change the world, my Riotous Pacifists, be part of something genuine and true. 

Should the kind-hearted, loving people of this earth reach inside themselves and share the peace within them and imagine a serene gentle world, it will change things. 

It will change things for the good. 

It is the only lasting Truth. 

Love heals ALL. 

Pour out your love,  warm your heart towards peaceful ways enjoy the benefit of a peaceful mind. 

                This world needs this energy . . .       

let us have a Pacifist’s Riot every day, quietly changing the world. 


-Lou Angewolf 

July 2015 

West Coast Florida 




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